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Accessories ~ Garlands, Hair, Boutonnieres, and Corsages

Special Event and Wedding Floral Accessories

Your special event or Wedding will be one of the most memorable of your life, so you want to do it right. The accessories, the decorations, the colours you choose and the meanings behind them are part of the entire experience. From boutonnieres to corsages and garlands to hair flowers or jewels, it is yours to build the way you want. We are here to help you design everything you need.

Boutonnières and Corsages

Floral Hair Accessories

Flower Garlands

Boutonnieres & Corsages

Boutonniere is pronounced “boot-n-eer” or “boo-tuh n-yair”. It is a flower or small bouquet worn, usually by a man, in the buttonhole of a lapel. The word boutonnière is French for buttonhole, coming from Medieval French, from “bouton” meaning button. Corsage, the French word for the bodice of a dress, is a small bouquet of flowers worn on a woman’s dress or worn around her wrist to a formal occasion.

Floral Hair Accessories

Classy, elegant, fashionable, hand crafted, designer bridal hair accessories and wedding headpieces. We incorporate flowers in your choice of tiaras, veils, combs, headbands, decorations, and jewelry


Indian Flower Garlands symbolize spirituality, marriage and honour.  Flowers are strung together often using other materials in between.  Garlands are used for worship and symbolizing the union of two souls in marriage